Cutting and Transport

3- Cutting and Transport


Cutting line

The level cutting machine will be 2 pieces, 1 piece for male – female groove
and knife cutting, second piece for wire cutting.
Total Cutting time will control within 5 minutes


The cutting process begins once the demoulding is completed. Cutting line consists of the following components:

Primary section: here, is carried out a right angle cutting of the cake, which is in a horizontal position.
Recliner station: the cellular concrete cake is tilted through 90° so as to meet the vertical on the cutting board.
Horizontal cut: steel wire, positioned shifted and stretched pneumatically, have an input and output angle 0 – 60 ° it is possible to adjust continuously. This avoids that the material is torn at the outlet of the cutting wire.
Vertical cut: here the sides of the cake will be positioned vertically cut, and tongue and groove will be inserted.
Taut lines, arranged in the desired format, move in the opposite direction by oscillating. They move through the cake from above. If necessary, it is here possible to activate a pocket milling device. A suction hood sucks the top layer of the cake by the vacuum system. Then this layer falls into the cutting gap and is again fed back into the production process by means of a scraper conveyor. Then the sides of the cake of the head are corrected by means of a groove cutter.

Cake Transport

The pallet with the cut cake arrives on a conveyor at the loading station, to which an autoclave pallet gripper removes the pallet on an autoclave car.