AAC-block plant

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete block plant  (AAC-block Plant).

Turnkey systems from a single source
The production of cellular concrete demand high standards for the preparation and dosage of raw materials, fermentation process monitoring and control of all stages of production. 
Economic systems concepts will be programmed according to individual needs of our customers.
List of components of AAC-plant
  1 Raw material delivery system
  2 Sand mill
  3 Slurry silos with integrated stirring device
  4 Dosing systems of raw material
  5 Mixer
  6 Casting tower with the control room
  7 Casting mould with car
  8 Mould manipulator
  9 Transfer platform and fermentation area
10 Cutting line Horizontal, Vertical and Profiling
11 Autoclaves with Steam generator
12 Loading and unloading crane
13 Separating machine
14 Packaging crane
15 Compacting device
16 Strapping station
17 Transport systems of finished products