Dear Borrower,
With regard to your project funding, we are pleased to inform you about the initial procedure, as follows: We offer project financing through a world renowned off Offshore Bank.
All types of projects in different sectors and also in different countries can be financed.
Funding amount can be 50, 100 million Euros or more.
In order to have successful project financing, a binding relationship between borrower and investor bank is to be completed.
The borrower presents to the Investor Bank full information about himself, his company and the project to be financed, then a direct discussion is held between the two parties. In the discussion, all topics will be clarified, such as amount, duration and annual interest rate of the loans
After that, the borrower receives an account form to fill in and send to the Investor Bank, and then an appointment is made for the two parties in the bank to sign the contract.


We would like to explain you the procedure of project financing as follows:

1- The borrower sends through  "GCC-German Connex Consult" to the Lender (Investor Bank) all information about himself; CIS /KYC (Client full info/details) with his company profile; Information about the activities with a balance sheet data and the business plan; with all the data needed, loan amount, profit and expenses for the next couple of years.

2- We "GCC-German Connex Consult" check the documents of the borrower, if all is in order, we will send to the borrower a consulting agreement  to sign.

3- When the borrower signs the consulting agreement; we will put the borrower in direct contact with the lender (Investor Bank).

4- The connection between borrower and Investor must be established on an official, professional and legal level, for mutual interest & comfort. 

Required FYI: 

  • Bank account form: (fully filled, signed & in PDF scan)
  • 2 to 3 years (min) certified accounts
  • Proof of Deposit funds: The borrower should prove that he is able to deposit a minimum equity of 10% of the total amount of loan in his bank account
  • Principal Utility Bill: Something related or connected to the owner like Residence address and their business address related/connected)
  • Principal ID (x2: Passport, Driving License, Birth Cert. Statements, Etc)

5- The investor reviews all documents, once qualification process is confirmed; the investor can arrange steps forward with structured financial solution to the Borrower accordingly. The Investor invites the borrower to his bank.

6- The borrower visits the investor bank, there will be discussed about all banking fees, percentages, rates, options, services & facilities can be clarified, identified & negotiated at correct stage

7- The borrower signs a loan contract with the investor and the borrower opens his own company account in the Investor Bank and deposits his own capital of minimum 10% of the total amount of the loan.

8- The investor completes his credit approval and grants the borrower of the agreed loan

We believe this information has provided you with an insight into project financing.

After sales service

We remain at your service, even after the delivery of equipment, to assist you
in all matters relating to the process of production.
We support your staff remotely (online) or local.
With our specialized partners, we provide our clients an after sales service reliable, flexible and efficient:
  • Installation Supervision
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance
  • Revision
  • Inventory of components of the plant.