Our Vision



In the principle of our goal, we would like to lead ourselves by the basic principles of the ethical rules. And to hold in it, that:


The worst kind of injustice is the Sham Justice. (Platon)


  •  We preserve in the profession, dignity, diligence and personal integrity,
  • In the occupation to preserve, the dignity, the diligence and the personal integrity,
  •  In search of success, of recognition and reasonable wages, we will not have, through any act, to put the self-esteem in question,
  • By building its existence, one should not destroy those of the others,
  • In our behavior towards others, we should not be self-righteous, in doubt, it is necessary to review his position by criticizing oneself,
  • Have to consider friendship as a goal and not as a means to reach the goal,
  • With the conscience of a loyal citizen, put all available capacities in favor of the country,
  • To support the next ones in distress with personal sympathy, spiritual assistance, and if necessary, material help,
  • Carefully in criticism and generously in praise, to construct and not to destroy.
The principles of this declaration may be issued by all human beings with ethical convictions; religious based or not, must be respected.
But we, as human beings religiously and spiritually orientated, which based the life on a recent wisdom, with the self-confidence, in prayer or meditation, in word or in silence and to create a spiritual force as well as hope, we have a very particular obligation for the good of the humanity completely and the worry of the planet Earth.
We do not think to be better those others, but we trust the ancient wisdom of our religions which will orientate us on the good way of future.